About Us

Genital Autonomy Canada accepts that preservation of bodily integrity is a basic and universal human right to be upheld and protected by individuals, institutions and governments without regard to gender, race, religion or culture. We affirm that genital integrity and autonomy are basic human rights. We assert that our genitals are our own, and that surgically altering healthy genitals against our will is a violation of human rights, regardless of the circumstances or the intent of the person(s) committing the act.


We are committed to public education and social advocacy toward ending non-therapeutic genital surgery on children in Canada, in accordance with international human rights treaties and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


We affirm that children can enjoy excellent health without circumcision, a genital surgery that violates their basic human rights to bodily integrity and self-determination. We believe in change without denigration. We encourage respect for children’s rights to genital integrity and autonomy without preference or deference to any individual or group. While we believe it’s important to hold individuals and other entities accountable for their disregard of children’s rights, we strongly oppose the use of anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, or homophobia to attack, defame or degrade any individuals, groups or organizational bodies.


Education: We plan to focus on education as one of the fundamental actions of the partnership. Educational resources will be current and user-friendly.

Public Awareness and Outreach: We plan various public events designed to foster awareness of the rights of children to their bodily integrity and genital autonomy, and to engage the public in creating change. Projects include: an annual, ‘Walk for Genital Autonomy’, to heighten awareness, encourage volunteerism, and raise funds.

Advocacy: We will encourage the media, public and private institutions and governmental agencies to take positive action to educate about and protect the bodily integrity and genital autonomy of children.

Fundraising and Development: Raising the funds necessary to execute the above programs will be an essential program of GA-Canada.