How to Help

GA-Canada believes that everyone has a role to play in safeguarding the rights of children. We encourage everyone to contribute according to their time, interests and skills. Please let us know how you would like to help. Below are some examples.

Attorneys. We encourage interested legal professionals to contact us about forming effective strategies under Canadian law to protect the legal and human rights of children to their bodily integrity.

Medical Professionals. We need doctors and nurses to help us build a network of caring professionals who will take a more assertive approach in encouraging their colleagues to uphold and defend the rights of children to their bodily integrity.

Birth Professionals. Midwives, doulas and others are encouraged to work with us and play a pivotal role in advancing parental understanding about the functions and benefits of intact genitals and their children’s right to bodily integrity.

Ethicists. We call on qualified medical ethicists to join us in speaking out about the relevant ethical issues regarding circumcision and children’s genital autonomy.

Legislative Professionals. Those working within the political system are invited to assist us with reaching out to politicians and navigating ‘the halls of power’.

Media Professionals. We encourage those with experience and connections in the print, broadcast and internet-based media to help us promote GA-Canada’s existence, goals and events. We also plan an outreach project to specifically educate the media on how they can improve their reporting of issues relating to circumcision, bodily integrity and genital autonomy.

Religious Professionals. We need credible voices in the Christian, Jewish, Moslem and other faith communities to be available to speak within the context of their faith about the importance of recognizing and advocating for the universal human rights of children.

Information Technology Professionals. If you have specialized technical experience that can help maximize our virtual presence and outreach, we welcome you to contact us.

General Volunteers. Especially when public events are scheduled, there’s always a need for large numbers of volunteers to contribute to the success of the event. We always need booth staffers, petitioners, office assistants, and others to help whenever and in whatever way they can.

Fundraisers. One or more people with a professional background in Financial Development are needed to help us apply for grants and to raise funds for our planned programs.

Donors. Even if you have no time or specialized skills, we will always appreciate your generous financial support in helping to sustain GA-Canada.